Ernstraud Happiness Sharing Society
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Empathy lights the way forward.
(life and vision freed from profit motive)

Consider the universe where chopsticks are six feet long:
In the dark side
people swear at the chopsticks.
In the light side
people feed each other.
This metaphor is the world in which we live!
Welcome to the light, where we share our happiness.

Life is to promote my neighbors' welfare--not by competition,
but by collaboration and sharing.  Human intelligence is the
capacity to apply love to the details.
Copyright © 2003 Kent V. Busse (please quote with credit)

Progress is Gradual
Cultivating a peaceful society is an ongoing process based on sensitivity and understanding.  Cataclysmic disruption does not introduce peace or prosperity.  It is proper to face the light and begin where you are.  Please bring somebody with you.
About the content
Please subscribe to Ernstraud Magazine, a free electronic publication of upbeat, pithy commentary about sharing as a way to peace.  The material on this site is gradually being reworked into the magazine.  The web page cross-referencing will be replaced by the magazine index; various articles will reinforce each other.  The magazine keeps everything short so that it can easily be printed on a single sheet of paper for passing along--bulletin insert, flyer, tabling handout.                                            (10 August  2011)

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