Ask "what is your special gift for the benefit of all mankind?"

The metaphor as used here is not quite a Haiku, a koan (kungan), or a parable, although its meaning does lie beyond its words.
Savor each thought; try to understand it, to  refute it, and to appreciate what it leaves unsaid.  Ultimately its value lies in your realization and application of the message.
You may be pursuing happiness as a personal reward.  With practice, you realize happiness through your interbeing with others.  By definition, happiness is not self-indulgence!

Can you make a positive contribution to the peace and well-being of mankind?
          ANY answer that YOU BELIEVE will ultimately prove to be correct.

Here's a brief hint about the message:

Viewing life as a classroom, can you be happy while the largest share of the toys have your name on them?

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Ernstraudian principles are not a model for legislating morality.  Our government does not compel us to do good deeds or to be happy.  Instead, our government is the aggregated reflection of the happiness that we have achieved.  To the extent that we persuade each other to share, we are shaping the government that we deserve.  Let us teach and persuade individuals who will afterward organize themselves along these principles.

People readily share when they distribute air, water, food, shelter, education and healthcare.  Let us also share the feeling of self worth that comes from being needed--of having a job (including self-employment).  Let us not wait for "the economy" to reform us.  Let us wisely address our fundamental need to keep everyone productively engaged all the time so that we foster mental health and do not waste human resources.
True education humanizes.  
It is not a license to be greedy.
(13 May 2011)

This material doesn't abide deep responses immediately upon reading.  
The value of the thought emerges long after its source is forgotten; the response doesn't come in words.

 The Ernstraudian teachings are a


without   these   REALITY   CHECKS.
 Burnout does not bless anyone.  Attempting to run faster than you have strength is an expression of your own greed. Radiating light into the darkness influences what comes back to you, but do not expect to bale alfalfa hay the day after you plant the seeds.
Rights are inseparable from responsibilities.  Thinking otherwise leads to patronizing and pity which rob us of the opportunity to grow.  Successful counselors do not accept the deed to, or responsibility for, the problem.
There must be something left of the teacher after the encounter.  Parents pay loving attention to their children's criticisms, but we do not heal the aggressor by being vulnerable to swindling, manipulation, physical violence or psychological abuse.

Collected  snippets

What you give out comes back to you.  Are you surrounded by loving, happy people?
You get happiness by giving it.

One conscience at a time we blend our gifts for the benefit of all.  We do not compete for space; we share it.  The growth and well-being of every individual is the joy of all individuals.

 Being at the mercy of imperfect conditions is suffering.  Understanding and doing is happiness;  compare to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.

Some readers ask "Are you saying ?"  If there is no kind, gentle, loving and happy way to carry out "" then it is NOT what we are saying.  The Ernstraudian way is the way of shared happiness.  Rigorous refutation is much more than mere disagreement.  Please run any disagreements through your reality checks.  Your objection on one page is very likely to be addressed on another page of this web site.

If you would influence another's behavior, ask the friend to teach you something.

I cannot ask God to help me fight or defeat any one of God's children--that is not what God does best.

Let us share our ideas, not impose them.  Religious, political and economic systems need to grow in a natural progression.  Imposition of foreign ways (technology) might disrupt rather than improve standard of living.

When you are not on the same page, open a new page and write on it together.